A Fresh 48 session is a special session that takes place within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life at the hospital. Sessions lasts 30-45 minutes and includes at least 25 edited photos. I try my best to be quick so you can get back to newborn snuggles.

*It is important to let your nurses and doctors know in advance that these photos will be taken so they can plan their check-ups/tests accordingly.

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Fresh 48: $850

“Capturing the fleeting moments"

I came across Tiffany completely by chance when looking for last-minute newborn photos, but I'm now calling it fate. Photography soulmate found! I am constantly in awe of how quickly she gets a shot, which is literally priceless when you have a toddler and a baby who move constantly. And almost as important is that she's just nice to be around. If you're looking for your new photography soulmate too, you found her. And also-you should totally stalk her Instagram because holy moly...so good.

Photography soulmate found!

emily r.
Redwood City, CA

When it came to us picking a photographer for our destination wedding in Palm Springs, Tiffany didn’t disappoint. She made the booking portion very simple and easy. I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the pictures framed in our house are all taken by Tiffany. Tiffany captures the stuff that dreams are made of. Thank you Tiffany for being apart of our big moments and giving us the greatest gifts, our memories live and in living color (or moody and in black and white when the occasion arises)

She Captures what dreams are made of!

Laura c.
hmb, CA

Frequently asked questions


Once your little one makes his/her big entrance, let me know the news, and we will coordinate together to choose a day for the photo session.

It does help once you are admitted to the hospital to email me that you are there so I have a general idea of when the baby will be born and can plan a tentative date but I understand if you are preoccupied and cannot!


I photograph your baby in a natural way so you can remember all of those beautiful first moments that can become a blur for sleepy, new parents (trust me I know)! Fresh 48 Sessions do not use many props. Instead, I focus on the hospital experience: tiny arm bands, blue/pink striped blankets and teeny hats. It's all about your experience after birth. If you have an heirloom item or special outfit you wish to be included, that will be just fine.

How do we book you?

If the stars align and I have availability on your wedding day, you just need to say “YES!” I will forward you a tailored Contract specific to your wedding day for review and signature.

What is your turnaround time for edited images?

For engagement sessions, you'll receive your gallery within 2 weeks.
For weddings, you'll receive your electronic gallery within 8 weeks from the wedding date (with an immediate download access for your images).

We are awkward in front of the camera. How do we avoid awkward photos?

Let’s be real, unless you are an IG blogger or supermodel, chances are you are not going to know how to pose and let loose in front of the camera; that is why you are hiring me! My job is to create a relaxed and fun experience for you. We will become fast friends, I promise!


For a typical 8 hour wedding, you will receive 50-100 professionally edited images per hour of coverage.
Check out examples of galleries HERE.


Your images will be unique to you and your partner because they are of YOU TWO! Not one wedding is the same and that’s what makes it so special. However, your entire collection of photos is culled through one by one and the final selections are edited to look like what you see on my website and social media.


I will always retain the copyright to all of my photos. But when you purchase the digital images, you receive a full print/use release to make prints, albums, or to share on social media. However, you are not allowed to alter the photos in any way without my permission or sell them for a profit.

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